My Powercore Speed 10000 QC review

First I want to thank @nigelhealy as he won this and had it sent to me, so thank you again.

This is a 10,000mAh batterypack, it features Quick Charge 3.0, PowerIQ, and has voltage boost. These features will allow your device to charge at optimal speed, and with voltage boost you can overcome the cable resistance due to old or deteriorating cables.

Inside the package you get the batterypack, travel pouch, and a 24 inch micro USB cable, and a welcome guide. The batterypack itself is rather tiny, it can fit in the palm of my hand and be easily stored ooh n your pa ts pocket without any bulk. Due to the size of the batterypack, you will be able to charge your phone up to 3 times…but realistically it’s more like 2.5 times given that most phones nowadays have larger internal batteries.

I have used this charger with my Samsung Galaxy S9+, my wife’s S7, and my sons S6…since Samsung phones utilize Adaptive fast charging, or in other words Qc 2.0, I want able to fully use the qc 3.0…until I used my usb-a to usb-c cable and I was able to charge my phone about 20 minutes faster than my wall charger.
This little batterypack rocks, I highly recommend it due to its size and sheer portability factor

Here’s some picture porn for yall



Thanks for the pics.
Looks much smaller than I expected judging the last picture.

nice review

It is rather small, perfect to carry in front of back pocket without being a hindrance.

Yeah, I agree. I usaually edge to the bigger the better, but I think 1 smaller PB could be useful for me.


LOL.! Love that! I like the new packaging that Anker is using. I see that this 10000mAh battery doesn’t have the finish of the PowerCore II 10000. Thanks for sharing your “pictures” and experience with it. :slight_smile:

Nice review! Its packaged the same way as my PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C but in a smaller package. I love my big PowerCore but its to big to carry everyday.

Been thinking about getting this one to carry. It looks like its about the size of a wallet.

I too use to be a fan of carrying my 20100 Powercore with me everywhere, and never understood why everyone would recommend these tiny powerbanks…then I got one and fully understand where they all were coming from. Even tw of these is still lighter and take up less space than the one large powerbank.

Now, I just need one of these to be made with PD and I would be happy

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Look at that packaging, presentation goes a long way.

Glad you like it. I much rather Anker’s products get into hands of those who have need than just random luck.

I’m in L.A now with a Powercore II 6700 and a Buds Slim+ and Life. Don’t have QC phones so it was wasted on me.


Coffee now all over my computer screen :laughing: , good review @elmo41683 :thumbsup:

Kudos to @nigelhealy on his selfless gesture :clap:


I usually put one big Powercore in my office as the backup power, I don’t carry it every day, it’s too heavy for me!:joy:

Haha, this is why pictures are so important to reviews. So many people dont realize how small this batterypack is, it’s really tiny and perfect for portability yet still packs a decent charge for any devices

While on the subject of porn, the package doesn’t matter because the ‘unboxing’ is a fast as possible :slight_smile:

Seriously I don’t care about the design of boxes. But I do prefer a of the main specs on the box.


Great review and pics @elmo41683!

So it depends.

If I am heading into an unknown location with unknown access to power and just a phone / buds / tablet type, I carry a 10000mAh. I do not have QC devices so that “speed” version doesn’t help me personally, the basic 10000 is just as performant and smaller/lighter. 10000mAh is enough to handle a long day of gadgets with no wall sockets. The end of that day, spent with no wall sockets, is then near wall socket does itself need a 4 or 5 port charger to recharge everything by the morning and an empty 10000mah needs all night to recharge so you’re talking a Powerport 4 or 5.

If I’m going to a known place, like an airline with power in the seats, hotels with sockets near the bed, then my go-to is currently the Powercore II 6700 as its both a little smaller but also fits better in pockets and so it finds itself recharging things like the Soundbuds Slim+ which has a little too feeble battery life to last all day. It is that “just enough” problem.

Next week I am spending 3 days “off-grid” in San Francisco where I’m guessing I may be 12 hours away from wall sockets so its a stretch problem for a phone which may end up very busy. It is a toss-up between the Mini+ and the Slim+. It is only trouser pockets (one = phone, one = Powercore). Mini+ = lighter, Slim 5000 looks less obscene in a man’s trouser :smirk:

What I find is sat there never used is the larger Powercore, like I have a 26800, it is like that too-big puppy sat there saying “please love me” but it just is too big for pockets. You get access to wall sockets enough eventually you do not need to carry much more than 10000mAh. Good news I paid $30 for 26800 to spend 2 years not really used. Lessons learned.:unamused:

To finish with your specific reviewed product, if you do have a QC device then, if someone is on a budget and wants to own just one device, to cover a wide range of situations, then yes, this is compact and get you a few days of phone use (for camping… etc) and yes the photos do show the relatively small size given you’d probably not be carrying a charger just this.

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I don’t know if you get near power for a short while during your trips. If yes the speed of charging the powerbank is an important factor too. When I’m off-grid and briefly get access to power I try to top up all my devices.
Two smaller fast charging powerbanks, charge faster than a big one :slight_smile:

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In general, bearing cost in mind, agreed. But not always.

So as I do not have QC devices, I do not have QC chargers, so I am capped at the usual 2A 5V 10W max input. Yes, carry say a Mini+ and a II 6700 I am ingesting at 3A 5V 15W combined for 1000mAh, but if I had a 10000mAh Powercore it would be 2A 5V 10W.

I do tend in a long (with a bag) trip with a Mini+ and a II 6700 as I get combined 10000mAh and 2 ports, and a bit of diversity just in case either fails (but Anker has never sent me a Powercore ever which failed, so far).

I have people saying “phone is flat” around me. Cringe. Hand them a Powercore.


Cost most certainly is a factor. 2x5000 likely is heavier and expensive than 1x10000.
But depending on use it may still be worth the extra.

I think a QC charger chargers at old fashioned speed when it detects a non QC device.
You go backpacking? If so maybe one of those solar panels may be an option.
Must say I never looked into them and think weight may be a issue.

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Solar does not make sense for short periods off-grid. As the weight of them for what they give back is too heavy for too little relative to a Powercore. Tipping point is > 1 week where solar begins to give you more. I debugged the ideas over 4 days and so far seems viable for weeks.