My powercore 26800 stop working

I bought my powercore 26800 1 month ago. Ytd when i was going to charge my powerbank, my powerbank totally got no light. I switches different cable and wall plug to charge. It’s just not working


You should probably contact support at

These baterypacks are not meant to be depleted fully, so if left uncharged for an extended period of time it may take a while for the lights to light back up when charging.

My word of advice is to use a wall ug that can output 5v 2.5A and leave it plugged in overnight for at least 8 hours. After a while charging the lights should come on and it charges itself fine after that.


I used the original wall plug and cable to leave it overnight. But it still can’t charge

There are different models, so which model do you have?

contact Ankers Customer Service Team the few times I’ve ever had a problem they sorted it out really quickly and I was sent out replacements.
Their 18month warranty and customer service was a main reason I became such a huge Anker fan