My personal review of the Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning 6 ft

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share with you my most recent review of the Anker PowerLine+ II 6 ft. You can read the full review for those who speak french, over here :

But for all the others, here are some pictures I took:


Wow, you got our all-new PowerLine+ II Lightning cable! How do you feel!:grinning:

This is really a great piece of cable ! The quality is really great :slight_smile: But I wonder if you plan to upgrade the PowerLine+ USB-C with the same improvements?

It is a really great cable. I love the bright colour and superb quality. It’s my new fave :grinning:

I love the red metal ends, looks dope

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they look very good!

it is a fantastic cable, and the length gives you so much flexibility with where you put it ! - are Anker doing a usb c to lightning cable any time soon ?

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Seriously cool connectors.

Side note. I don’t understand why Anker made the powerports with the branding one way. Then put the branding on the cables on the other side.

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I really like that it comes with a zippy case. how cool!