My Opinion on the new Anker Electric car

Well lets get started.
Once I clicked on the link on ankers homepage I was very excited.
Just the thought of a car going 1200 miles without a recharge is very useful.
Plus the money you will be spending on electricity instead of gas will be drastically decreased.
But theirs a problem.
I cant tell if its a meme or not due to the picture of “tony stark” aka elon musk smoking Marijuana.
But if its not a meme I would be heavily interested in buying this if it comes out soon.

Car specs.
-0-100 in 3.5 seconds
-top speed is 280 Mph
-range is 1200 miles
-2 seats

Also April 1st is tomorrow so who knows?
Would it be a disappointment if it was a joke?
Would I be excited?

I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this situation so please post another topic and @ me or reply to this one
-cordova :slight_smile: cya later.

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Looks like it’s April Fools Prank

Also, I posted this sometime back

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Yeah, @cshenoy beat you to the punch! It has to be a joke… but is it? Imagine if it was true, what do you think it would cost? I’m thinking upwards in the 40’s

I would say more like upwards of $80k easily :joy:. Model S costs at least $50k I think with lower top speed and range

But it is an Anker branded car so they always sell top of the line tech at cheaper prices! Even a car would be discounted and some PowerUsers will probably get another ‘20% off with code’ email! You never know!

:joy: that is true!

April April!

[quote=“Chiquinho, post:7, topic:67514”]
[/quote]Time for severe weather season in the US Central Plains!

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It’s got to be an April Fool’s joke. Has anyone signed up? Lol.

I have signed and was the only winner I have been told! :grin:

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Darn it! And here, I thought it was a joke. :stuck_out_tongue: But I won’t be a sore loser so, Congrats @Chiquinho :slight_smile: :wink:

Congrats :clap:t2:

Can you come pick me up, so I can experience the acceleration??

Of course I will! :grin:

There have been 89 entries the last time I looked :joy:

I haven’t see the entry :grin:

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So I’m not allowed to post my opinion?
Just because someone posted about something doesn’t mean other people can’t :slight_smile:

Never meant to say you cannot post your valuable opinion … Just that I had posted it earlier… Usually Anker Forum moderators merge these posts to avoid duplications

Bro, you can see the entries on the link. Look up at the top!

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If I can’t have a Tesla I would get a Ankar

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oof sad day…