My new Soundcore Life Q20 is not charging

I just received my Soundcore Life Q20 and when I take it out of the box, it did not charge.
The headset is completelly new, but never work. I tried with diferente cables and charges… but nothing works.

I already did a reset (power button + volume UP button) but it still not work.

What else can I do? The headset is new and I never used it.



Email customer support at and they should exchange your unit assuming you bought it from AnkerDirect (on Amazon and other website) or straight from Soundcore website. You should expect an email within 24 hrs unless they have some sort of break before 31st

Hey @rbelloti
Shame your having problems with the headphones. Trust me, they are a great pair of headphones.
Just to add to @Shivam_Shah comment. If they were purchased from a retail store I would head back there for an exchange. This is the quickest solution as you will have an instant swap.
Ankers service is extremely good, but you can wait 24-48hrs for a response. From that you will have communication to get to the final result.
If you do go the Anker route don’t forget to send a photo/screen grab of the receipt and a photo of the product including its serial number if applicable.

I hope you get a swift resolution and do keep us up to date with your progress :+1:t2:

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hi @paulstevenewing
I buy it on the official Anker store in Aliexpress.
The problem is that I live in Brazil and the price to send them back is more expensive than the headset.


Hi @Shivam_Shah .

I will do it right now!


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Yes, I see your problem.
AliExpress take care of the warranty process direct and Anker doesn’t normally get involved.
To be fair, I would still reach out to support as they help were they can and may step in and offer a resolution.


Best of luck :+1:

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Unfortunately They offer me only a 50% refund via aliexpress.

I bought the headphone only because of the NC function.

The dispute is colse on Aliexpress but I’m not sattisfied with the solutin. I only get a 50% refund! Only 50%! The headphone is practally useless for me without the NC and the bluetooth. My cellphone is a S20+ and it does not have an auxiliar input. So, how can I use the headphone?

50% of refund, but no solution… that is, I lost 50% on my money!?

I don´t think it is a good solution…

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Hi @rbelloti
It’s good that you put your faith in the Soundcore brand but AliExpress procedures has caused a bad experience.
Personally I would take the 50% refund.

But just to add, the Q20 does have an AUX. So if you search USBC to 3.5mm on Amazon you can get an adaptor :+1:t2:

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hi @paulstevenewing!

the main reason that made me bought this headset was de Noise Cancelling (NC) function, and the NC did not work if the headset does not power on. And use a headset with cable now days… hum… I think it is not practical.

I don´t think 50% refund is a fare solution… since the headphone is useless for me.

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Well I guess you’re at stalemate then @rbelloti

Too expensive to return to AliExpress.
Headset useless to you in current state.
An offer of 50% back sounds like your only option to get some kind of return on this.

Have you tried the Soundcore support email as @Shivam_Shah and I suggested?
Sometimes they will step in and offer a solution even though this was bought through AliExpress.

Any updates?

@ikari04warrior not yet …

I’d take the 50% and not buy from AliExpress again.

I’ve only ever bought direct from Anker or Soundcore or their direct on Amazon and had zero issues with the few times I needed to return. Just last week I got replacement Q30 and posted back a unit and they credited me the postage costs.

Any issues you have arisen via how you bought them based on my experience.

It is a puzzle why it’s a dead unit. They are tested when leave manufacturing so I’m thinking either damaged (package should show that) or it’s been in bad storage place for a long time (kept too cold or top hot and the lithium was ruined). The Q20 is the previous product so could have been stored a long time badly.

All the Anker products I bought which have batteries inside have been recently released so it’s impossible for them to be stored a long time, I then store them at home at cool room temperature and their batteries last 4+ years.

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Hopefully you get good news :wink:

I had the same issue. I bougth my Q30 from AliExpress and i live in Brazil. How did you solve the problem?

There’s a wealth of information above already.


Ola bom dia,
podias usar a lente de aumenta tamben
( em cima, direto)
e procuram um pouquinho.