My new robovac 15t won't charge, help pls!

I just bought my first robo vacuum. The instructions said to first charge it for 5 hours. But the vacuum won’t charge. Instead it makes 4 beeping sounds a go to a solid red (play/stop) light. I read the manual, and recommended to clean the charging docks and sensors, but problem won’t fix. There is not much to clean also, because I just took the think out of the box. Also, checked the brushes. The only thing that I can think of, is the placing, not enough space as recommended, does that influence in the charging?? What else can I try??

Make sure that there is at least 3 ft around the charger, make sure the c ok contacts are clean and free of any debris. On the robovac, make sure the packing styrofoam is removed from the front bumper and its moving freely. Make sure the switch is turned on, and place the robo vac directly on the charging pads or you can put the vacuum on the floor and press the plug button and it will go to the base and dock itself .

If you set the Robovac "by hand " on the charging station, it does not matter if there is space left and right.

This space is only needed when the robot is seeking for the station and tries to park there without problems.

You should turn off/on the main switch on the bottom and try charging again.

Of course there is NO need to clean something if the robot is new.
make sure there are no foils on the contacts.
The next trick: Remove the battery from the robot and insert it again.

The last trick : Contact the service!

Thanks, we removed the foam before trying anything. None of those work, it doesn’t respond to any button.

I’m going to try customer service

Removing the battery sounds like a good idea, but I don’t if that may cause trouble for the warranty. I think it’s best to try customer service at this point. Thanks for the help.

I dont know if this procedure affects the warranty.

Its quite easy to open the battery case unplug and plug the battery again.
Its a kind of reset.

I got my 15T two days ago… it charges but beeps when the battery is almost full… Can you share what happened at the end?