My nebula projector does not power on

Can somebody help me, my nebula projector does not power on?


Have you tried charging with a different cable and wall plug?

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What version of Nebula do you have and as @elmo41683 has mentioned, have you tried powering with a different cable & power source?

If you are still not having any joy with different power cables (or source) you can reach out to with your issue and troubleshooting steps taken for further assistance…

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Yes, but still it does not power on :frowning:

Model D4111

I will try to contact them

Its working now after i contact the support team

Below is the solution from them, i try it and it works :slight_smile:

2. Could you please connect Capsule to external power supply and then long press the power button for 10S to see if it will power on?

Thanks alot guys


Glad you got it working.