My nebula capsule won’t switch on

Hi! My nebula capsule (purchased in August 2019 so way out the warranty period) suddenly stopped working a few minutes after turning it on.

It turned off very suddenly both screen and fan with a faint pop sound (not the usual Sound where the screen goes black and then the fan turns off after a second). It wasn’t plugged into a power outlet at the time (no burning smell or sparks)

When I do plug it to a power source it charges with the nebula logo blinking in red. But it doesn’t turn on (Essentially dead. The logo doesn’t even turn blue). Tired the trouble shooting tips suggested by Anker customer service and nothing seems to help.

I haven’t used it very often and have been very careful when using it. So can’t imagine what went wrong.

Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this or what might be the cause? Since it’s out of the warranty period I’m considering getting it fixed by a third party so would be helpful if I knew what might be the problem before trying to open it up. (Don’t want to buy a new one since this barely used and I’m hoping it’s an easy fix!)

Never heard of this issue before, wish I could help you

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