My lightning to USB cable the lightning end becomes too hot, does it mean cable is faulty?

My 10 months old lightning to USB cable the lightning end becomes too hot, does it mean cable is faulty now?

Most likely yes, and most likely I have to stop to use it.

But still wondering about other options.


It is possible that the battery or port you are plugging into is getting hot and that is causing the cable end to heat up. I have had an ssd card reader plugged into my motherboard get uncomfortably hot just from heat transfer. Does it happen with multiple devices?

Could also be the cable. Try plugging the cable into another device and seeing if the same thing happens or changing up the power source used to charge the device with the cable. If the cable is still hot using other devices and other power sources then it is most likely the cable that is an issue. I had s cable once get so hot it melted a crayon sitting on my desk next to it. No matter what be careful and why trying things out do not leave it unattended

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As the others already mentioned.
Test it with other chargers and other devices vice and versa.
If the issue is all the same, you should contact the support if the cable is under warranty.

Wow that must’ve been scary

Also coming back to the question, try testing as said already and if it is still as hot, reach out to anker and get an exchange (if applicable). If you bought from anker on amazon, you should have a lifetime warranty. Not too sure about eBay

I would say the moment it gets that hot (dangerous hot) it’s not working as expected

I have an 8 year old AmazonBasics lightning cable, and it also shows the same problem only when it’s pushing more than 5W (probably because it was meant to push 5W, not 12W?)

It used to be connected to my computer, which outputs 4.5W max according to USB 3.0 spec, and it ran cool. However, once it got connected to my Anker charger, which outputs to 12W max, I’ve noticed the end got warmer.

Although, you’re cable is newer, so you should probably contact Anker support and get it checked out.