My Liberty Air Review

Since I’m procrastinating I decided I’d like to write a review for the Liberty Airs.
Been using them for a while now so I have some long term thoughts on it.

While the unboxing experience has drastically improved for Soundcore (Anker), it’s still got a bit of ways to go to make it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

For the great improvements Soundcore has done, the box is solid and clean. Comes with a magnetic flap which makes the experience a bit magical. Something you’d get in a $130+ items (MSRP) like the Beats X and Jaybird X3. You’re then greeted by the earbuds case through a plastic flap, almost as if you’re window shopping and you’re eyeing a holiday gift you want for yourself.

This is where the unboxing experience falls short and pretty frustrating. You see the earbuds and you just want to rip right in. For seasoned Anker unboxers, this is pretty easy. You just have to assume it’s on the side. For new customers to the brand, the tape blends pretty well that it takes you a couple of seconds to find it.
Recommendation : Change the grey on the pull tab to white to make it more noticeable while still sticking with the color scheme of the box.

Now for the second, but very small, annoyance. The moment you tape on either corner of the right side, the whole plastic flap will learn towards one side.
Recommendation : Add two small pieces of cardboard on the inside of the box to prevent the plastic from going any further and keeping it flush with the outside of the box at all times.

Lastly but most importantly is getting to the accessories. Absolutely no way to lift the earbuds tray out to get underneath. You either have to dig your finger towards the side, tip the box over, or other unconventional means.
Recommendation : Have a hole underneath where the earbuds case lies so the user can insert their finger, hook underneath and pull it up. Or have a tab to simply pull it up. Or, to save more material, have everything on the same level, earbuds on top, accessories on the bottom (IIRC similar to Beats X)

Sound Quality

The sound quality is great. Crystal clear vocals with decent bass. They kinda remind me of my Anker Slims. They’re not going to beat any Jaybirds or their own Spirit X but for completely wireless earbuds they’re excellent. Way better than Airpods but I do miss being able talk to people without taking out my earbuds.

The earbuds themselves feel good. They’re just solid plastic so nothing to write home about. The case is where I have some qualms with. I wish the top of the case had more weight so it’d be effortless when closing the case, similar to Airpods. Also, Anker, USB-C please? The case also pretty solid plastic. Top of the case is a bit flimsy but not bad for $80. I think white is the way to go to show less scratches.

Unsurprisingly they’re way better than their Liberty Lite. They occasionally cut out in the left ear but are quick to reconnect. Like any wireless earbuds, they’re fairly sensitive to your surroundings. For whatever reason these, airpods, and the lites will go haywire when I turn my microwave on and I’m near it. Range is very good with BT 5.0. Left my iPhone XR in the living room to do stuff in the kitchen which is about 20 feet apart and no cutting. Haven’t tested furthest distance as I don’t care too much about that.

This is where I feel like I can save a lot of people a lot of frustration. Please, if you take one thing from this review, let it be this. Charging method is using pins. If they’re not connected they won’t charge. For whatever reason my left earbud wouldn’t securely connect to the pins. Therefore it wouldn’t charge and would cause cutting out constantly when listening to music (Low battery, no voice indicator AFAIK). I gave it a good push inside the case once and now I can drop em in and they’re charge perfectly. Make sure the lights on the earbuds turn white to indicate charging.

1 tap hold on left = back to start of song. 1 tap hold > 1 tap hold on left = previous song.
1 tap hold on right = next song.
Double tap on left = Google assistant/Siri.
Double tap on right = pause.
Pretty accurate but don’t use it that often. A lot better than the button pressing on the Liberty Lites. Not as comfortable as the Airpods as these are in-ear and still dig into your ear when you tap. Still great nevertheless.

If I had to give it a score for overall value, they’re easily a 9/10. Connectivity has drastically improved which was my only issue with the Liberty Lites. They’re so comparable to the Airpods I have trouble debating if I want to still pick them up on Black Friday or not. Now if I was still on Android, these are easily the best earbuds when I used them with my OnePlus 6T. Airpods kept cutting out on my 6T but might’ve been defective.

Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions about these, Airpods, or Liberty Lites.


@AnkerOfficial Hope you guys like the review! :grin:

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Great review, @Kevin_Luc! Thanks for sharing!

I’m in the market for some cheaper-than-Airpods wireless headphones, so your review will help narrow things down.

You mentioned the left earbud cut out occasionally, how often did yours do this? I havnt experienced this in the long while I had these, nor did I get feedback or issues when using the microwave…but then again our appliances are new so that could be why. But I still havnt experienced any disconnects with the left earbud, I’m on android platform so maybe that had to do with it

Excluding the time the pins wouldn’t connect and charge the left earbud, probably like 7 times but I had them for 2 months now. It’s nothing too worrying as it’s extremely rare.

Yea that’s odd, I had mine similar time frame and never had issue charging them. Send support a email, they may have you try a different case. Could be an issue with the pins not springing back up, had that issue with the liberty+ and they sent me a different charging case that worked better. But for these, I havnt had any charging issues

Great review and pictures. I especially like your critiques of the packaging, very detailed. I can’t wait to read more of your reviews in the future :ok_hand::sunglasses::+1:

Seems like pushing it down with a bit of force popped them back up. Haven’t had any issues so far but I’ll keep an eye out.

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Great review & detail @Kevin_Luc , thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

Good job with the review. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

I do like the look of these. Totally missed these when they come out :thinking:

Thanks for review are they comfortable? I have issues with ear buds either they don’t stay in or can be painful.

It’s all a matter of getting the right eartip to suite your comfort. I wear mine 8 to 10 hours a day and often forget I have them in


Sounds like your experience was/is very similar to mine. Soundcore Liberty Air - My Experience

Does your charging case fall over? Mine does, it won’t stand up straight, which is probably my biggest gripe.

I also thought it was interesting you and I had similar issues with the packaging, but we both agree it’s a very minor complaint in the grand scheme of things.

Charging case doesn’t stand upright but it does when upside down. It definitely needs design improvements.
Ver 2 is coming soon.

Yup but I usually just lie it down since it’s the same way with Airpods.

Your review was actually what motivated me to write one in the first place, so thank you!

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Comfy but my ears are a bit wear so it takes some adjustments to get them to properly seal sometimes. Maybe like 9/10 times I can put them in with no issues but the 1/10 I have to play with it a little to make it fit right. I think the stock ear tips that are preinstalled are perfect for me.

Geez that was fast. Did they say what they’re improving? It sucks that we just got them and they’re replacing them with an improved version already.

Keep us posted on V2