My left earbud doesn't pair... It has only 10 days

I bought the Soundcore Life P2 10 days ago, and my left earbud doesn’t want to pair with my phone… I can hear like the earbud turns on again and again and again but doesn’t do anything… The other earbud connects very well without a problem

I tried to reset it a lot of times, putting it in its case, pushing it by 3 seconds to the bottom but doesn’t work.

It’s a shame because I liked how sound and how much last their battery.

I can’t ask for a warranty because a threw the box into the garbage.

I don’t know what else can I do.

More detailed reset

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Warranty does not come from the box but where you got them from and if you kept a copy of the receipt.

Amazon has a track of your info of where you got them form. If I do get a pair from other places, I will take a photo copy of them and then keep them on the phone and/or send them to my email for me to keep a copy of in their own folder.

Thanks I’ll try it