My late ASTRO review

There have been written really perfect reviews about the ASTRO meanwhile,
so mine will be the worst.:grinning:

I am late, I know and I do apologize for this.
( I had to “create” the tax declaration and painter men are here at the moment)

So I asked the monkeys to help.

First of all, I call the NEBULA ASTRO “Knoedel” (the private nickname here)
Take a look :


Because the monkeys are not able to create a video, they told me to take only photos
and writing a simple text, they could also understand.
(Excuse some spelling and grammatical errors and lousy photos.)

Let’s take a look at the package of the ASTRO.
Absolutely perfect, well-designed and very thoughtful.
No plastics!

Maybe some of you like unpacking.
OK, the well known monkey engineers were doing that for me.

They were working pretty hard, but carefully.
So they made it all good.

They told me to handle all with care when opening the first time the ASTRO box,
because the little beamer will jump out if you are not used to handle that kind of package.
But as you all are good sportsmen/women (catching a baseball, like the ASTRO) you will have no problems.

They found the “Knoedel” inside, a cable (USB-A to USB-C) a charger
(not Anker, as far I see, why???)
a remote, batteries for that remote and a little booklet, the manual.

After reading the manual very carefully
the monkeys got the ASTRO working by using the remote.

Now they could watch videos

But after a while they found a film they liked much more.

Charging goes quickly. (USB-C, great a must in our days)

Sometimes the noise from the fan can be disturbing.

Usage : Not in full sunlight, but it’s good for a normal room darkness.

Because the size of the projection can only be altered by changing the location of the beamer
I really recommend to use a tripod.

Now the monkeys went to the NEBULA-app,
because there are some apps for the ASTRO which can not be installed only by using the remote.
And of course typing is much easier to use the app of course instead of the remote.

After they got that tripod mounted,


I changed the place and connected the ASTRO to a Zero speaker.

(Thanks @Shenoy for the helpful hint)


Now we got really the sound, we needed to watch some music videos.
When listening to music videos a good speaker is a MUST!

Pros and cons:

The beamer is a nice piece, good designed and got a lot of features

I think the battery life is really too short :frowning:
(If there is a longer battery life needed, you could use a power bank)

What I really would like to see :
The focusing should be done by the remote or the app not by that “wheel”.
Can be realized by a micro motor.

What to do with :
Watching recipe instructions while cooking in the kitchen,
or when doing gymnastic exercises, watching films when on a stationary bike.
You can use it in your camper van. (WIFI!)

But last not least :

I know this is not such a satisfying review.
So I should keep my hands off from such “modern things” in the future.:rofl:

(But meanwhile I NEED the ASTRO to watch my beloved music videos of my youth :slight_smile: )
Never expected that.

The ASTRO is designed for kids but pensioners can use it was well!

PS: I found ASTRO’s brother


Great, honest review as usual, @Chiquinho! And I love the photos!


Thanks for the review.

Have you tried augmenting battery life with a Powercore? Did it work?

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Great review! Tell the monkeys they did a wonderful job and that we hope to hear from them again in the future. I love all the pictures you included as well

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Awesome review @Chiquinho. I love the monkeys. Throw them a couple of bananas because they did a great job. :slight_smile: I love the review, photos, and monkeys. Great job :slight_smile: :clap::+1:

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@Chiquinho Nice well written review and awesome pics!!

Nebula Products with Soundcore for Audio is a match made in heaven… The best pair you have is Nebula Astro with Soundcore Motion+

Thanks for the mention :blush:

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Just noticed this, will have a proper read tomorrow @Chiquinho

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nice review there Mr. @Chiquinho. Great pic of the little ones. It help pit this in a better perspective in size that o tend to forget.

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Love your review @Chiquinho better late than never lol

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They sure did! @Chiquinho great honest review! Nice photos too

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Great review @Chiquinho :+1:

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Great review and very creative photos :ok_hand:

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Great review Franz.
Glad the monkeys helped you with this technical device :rofl:
I also love your idea about using this in the kitchen to project recipies onto a wall, great idea.

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My daughter will do.
I told her : One day your phone will fall into the “soup”.

Acting like this :
left hand the phone, right hand the cooking spoon
and then she “mix up” :joy:

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Haha, that would be an expensive mistake @Chiquinho :flushed:

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But the soup would get better perhaps!
More spicy …:grinning:

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Very good review and photos from you and the monkey engineers Franz…hope you had the Zero connected when playing Hotel California and the Straits :+1:

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Now I keep the Zero always connected Neil, otherwise not satisfying for an audiophile. :smiley:

Good review as always. Love the helpers!:smiley:

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It’s always hard to find good help, but it looks like you found the right monkeys :monkey: :monkey_face: for the job! Great job writing up the review for them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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