My keyboard keys is inputting random letters when know why

I’m furious, I bought the slim keyboard and only had it for a month! Some of the keys are inputting stuff randomly like if I press w it puts:eqw or if I press 1 it puts:12. Why is it doing this? I need this keyboard and extremely low on money, please help

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Which keyboard do you have? And if its bluetooth have you tried deleting and repairing it to your computer?

Hey @The_Buddies
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Sounds like a hardware issue with the button contacts assembly underneath the actual button you press.
I’ve had this with a few keyboards over my time and the resolution was replacing the keyboard.
Have you contacted the company you purchased it from?
Alternatively you can contact with your purchase details and serial number for them to advise.
Let us know how you get on and hopefully see you on the community pages from time to time.

If it’s happening with a limited number of keys it could be dirt/dust affecting it. If it’s random on any keys try first unpair etc but could be hardware as above in which case the support team at Anker are amazing.

You could however just have a friendly ghost :tongue: