My iPhone is Charging Very, Very Slowly

I am trying to figure out why my iPhone is charging so dreadfully slow. It is only at 7% charge, and I’ve tried using different cables, different charges, unplugging, etc. The max I’ve seen it at is 0.6A.

I know it’s not that the meter is faulty because it’s only going up about a percent every ten minutes.

Any ideas?!

I’ve had this issue before. Check for pocket lint in the Lightning port. I typically use a new toothbrush and/or wooden toothpick to get it out.


Usually if it’s not the lead or connectors, it’s the charge port.

Get a light n have a look… If it’s white, you got it wet, or is it the other way round?

Give a good blow into the port to hopefully blow out any fluff (as abovel)

Thanks so much for the advice! There was quite a bit of lint in the port. I think I have removed most of it (looking in with a light), but unfortunately the charging rates have not improved much.

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Thanks for the tips!
It’s not white so probably not water.

Have you tried a hard reset (power and home)?

Had a similar issue with an iPad and tried it as a last resort…crazily it worked


Yep Hard reset worked for me as well.

Wow! Thanks! A hard reset worked. I did a regular restart but never would have thought of that otherwise.


Never had this problem but it’s good to know the fix

If It’s not a hardware problem it should be solved by doing a hard reset. If the problem persists you could make a restore and update to the latest iOS.