My Infini Mini review

I recieved this product via the Whats your lucky number contest and I was the second winner.

Now I had 2 other soundbars that I was going to compare this to, but upon unboxing this and using it I came to the realization that its unwanted. The soundbars I had for one cost a lot more than this, and two they had a higher power output so it would have been an unfair comparison. Since I was moving I decided to give away one of my soundbars and I sold the other one, however I decided to keep the Infini Mini.

The two soundbars we a Vizio and Samsung…now you may think I’m crazy keeping the infini mini, but it’s not without reason.
You see the infini mini is the perfect size for a bedroom, which is where it will get used the most. It also has bluetooth connection which the other two did not have. The infini mini may be small but it does pack a decent punch and gets the job done, especially when compared to the lackluster shallow sounding speakers that come built into the TV’s today.

I initially set this up and tested it at the big computer desk, because based in past reviews it seems everyone said it was better suited for computer use. I am here to tell you that I disagree with thos reviewers, sure it works good as a desktop speaker system, but it also works as it’s intended as a TV speaker. I set this up in my bedroom, hooked up to a 32" Panasonic TV and the initial sound quality blew away the stock speakers. I had never hated on the speakers built into this particular TV, but I do now because the soundbar brings a bit more added depth and character to the sound that wasn’t there before. And, because theres more added depth I dont have to turn it up as loud which helps keep it distortion free.

Some reviewers said that it lacks bass, and while this is true to an extent, the soundbar does have bass and handles it quite well IMO. Bass is subjective in that everyone hears and likes different things, I myself am a bass head and love bass, but this soundbar has decent bass. When compared to the shallow sounding TV speakers the soundbar is a godsend. While it may not be heart stopping pounding bass, it’s enough for a bedroom or even a studio apartment.

So IMO, this is a great sounding soundbar and I would recommend it…or for those who want more power can opt for the regular Infini.


Nice review and photos :heart_eyes:

Good job :slight_smile:

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Excelent review, nice comments, and nice pics. Great job

Thanks for the thorough review, nice photos and also a video! :thumbsup:


Great review!

Great review! Thanks for sharing. I will be moving soon and looking into getting a sound bar or surround system.

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Any help on pairing a comcast xfinity remote? No codes available from comcast. Thanks for any help.


Unfortunately I dont have comcast so I can’t test or try. But generally I would go through all available codes until I find 1 that works

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I also have this problem but haven’t had the time to figure it out.

I will figure it out tonight and let you know what I did.

It would be great if @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical made a walkthrough video

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Great review, anlysis and nice pics.