My impression and review of Soundcore icon Mini!

Hello everyone! these are my personal impressions on soundcore icon mini, I hope you enjoy it. I also did an underwater test!

My personal blog:

Amazon review:

Instagram post :

My video unboxing and review on Youtube:


Great review @Salvix I understood some of it due to me being fluent in Spanish. Really loved the location on the mountain at the beach. One thing that caught my attention on your blog is the #Anker Aluminum Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Never seen it nor heard of it. Is it waterproof?


Nice review! I used google translate to read this one :wink:.

I’m glad you did the water test. I liked the pictures you posted on Instagram as well. Good job!

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Nice pics and video, couldn’t understand the language (believe it is Italian), would be great if you will have review in English version as well for larger community :slight_smile:

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Nice review. Google translate is the best​:+1:t2::joy:

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Nice review!

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thanks for watching! unfortunately it is not waterproof but has a great sound too!:grin:

You might want to remove the not part :wink:

huh? You’re fluent in Spanish but this is Italian.

Props to you for putting your speaker under water


You ought to read the manuals :slight_smile:

Icon Mini boasts IP67 water resistance and can even withstand complete sumbersion.

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