My ideas for anker

  1. I think it would be cool if anker sold smart watches I believe it could they could come out with a quality smart watch

  2. I think anker should have one single app that any of your anker/Soundcore/nebula/eufy products can all connect from, it should be one big hub for all your products

3, phone battery replacement/upgrade service think this would be perfect for anker since they are the leading charging company in the world I’m not sure if they manufacture their own batteries but if they do they could sell phone batteries

  1. An app that has all of anker communities

(I might update this if I have any newer ideas in the future leave your ideas with a reply)


Smart watch would be really nice


I’d be happy if they update their Anker app lol


I like that idea


I like the idea of a smart watch @gwstarkey.gws as this could link in with the Eufy Life app for health recording.
Although there is a demand for fully integrated proprietary eco systems which work seamlessly with each other.

One app would be great!
I have the Anker forum (shortcut) Eufy Home and Life but i guess thats down to the different brands wanting control of their own thing?

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As Apple Watch Vs Samsung Gear Vs Wear OS shows, it’s all about the software. Need ecosystem with large app developer popularity and an efficient OS on good hardware.

Samsung is weaker in apps, Google weaker in OS and hardware, so Apple wins.

I am wearing the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyse, Wear OS needs 1GB ram to be tolerable performance.


I like the idea of ​​smart watches :ok_hand:


Same right now I have a xiaomi watch but I honestly think anker could do way better

I appreciate and support the Smart watch idea. Anker has the potential to bang in that area.

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