My HomeBase 2 stopped producing sound.

I have the wireless doorbell with the HomeBase 2. I set it up yesterday and things went fine. Today noticed that Homebase does not ring when doorbell is pressed. After trying several setting and changing the sound for the indoor chime I decided to reset everything and start over. Now when I add the HomeBase it does not emit any sound so the doorbell will not connect to it. I have another Homebase in my house so I try that one and it works fine. Is my new Homebase defective?

Hi @Vapors,

Our customer service team may need more information to locate the problem.
Please contact us at with the issue description and your serial number.
Our service team will get back to you within 24 hours and will assist you step by step.

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Did you get this resolved? If so what was the fix?

I’ve just purchased the video doorbell 2k with Homebase 2 and like you the Homebase 2 fails to ring/make any noise when the doorbell button is pressed. From what I’ve read online the Homebase 2 should play a sound when selecting a ring tone, however it doens’t.

My mobile rings fine when the doorbell button is pressed.