My German friends - I need suggestions :)

@Chiquinho I know you are from Germany. Anyone else?

I’ll be visiting Germany in early Jan 2020 for a business trip and plan to spend a few days travelling for pleasure (with accompanying wifey). I am looking to get some information about public transport, prepaid phone sim with data usage, things to avoid, etc.

Any suggestions? Never been to Germany before :grin: so am super excited
Of course some Anker stuff will travel as well


Have fun on your trip! @furkist and @yamyam I believe are In Germany.

I’ve never been to Germany but it’s high on my list of places to visit.


Excellent :+1:
@furkist @yamyam please chime in with your suggestions
I’ll start with Wiesbaden (for my work) and later plan to see Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, etc.

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If you come to Munich we can meet each other for a beer if you want.
For the rest of information write me a pm.


Take warm clothes with you.
At the moment nits about -3C here in München.


Absolutely :slight_smile: love to meet you in person if possible.
I’ll know about my plans more as we come closer to the travel dates.

Cold don’t bother me. look where I’m coming from

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Perfect, write me an pm if you know about more your trip.
Of course I will give you all my suggestions and will tell you everything you need.

We are the “ANKER-Family” spread all over the world! :blush:

Aren’t we @AnkerOfficial? :smiley:

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Will do :slight_smile:
We are ANKER-Family :vulcan_salute:

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Welcome to Germany!

Visit me and i will upload dome eufy cam video footage of us drinking some beers on my roof terrace :beers:

But then, you may better want to visit us in summer, when we have about 35-42°C (95-108F) - then it will be ICECOLD beer :wink:

When it comes to local mobile SIM … you can get them anywhere in any pricerange and timeperiod. Pretty cheap and affordable.

When it comes to things you should “avoid” or general infirmations about the german culture and tourist informations, you may read some sites like this:

You can heat it up for winter :joy:

Have you made your trip yet?

not yet. Leaving on Saturday :grin:

Have fun!! Send pictures!

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Safe trip @kumar.sachin
Just don’t fly over that zone, you know what I’m talking about.

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Well. How is it in Germany? Have you met up with @Chiquinho yet :smiley:

It is awesome here. I’ll have to leave early since Germany immigration only allowed me till Friday to be here. I was planning to spend weekend here but now will have to go back home on Friday. Meeting with Franz has to wait for next time when I have a longer visa.

Awesome!! Any photos?

It’s a shame about the visa

Here are some

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And if you would tell me where it is, I can tell you more about that region. :grin:
If you are an US-American, you need no visum an can stay here for 3 month.

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Brilon Hoppecke area

Unfortunately I’m US permanent resident so still need Visa

North western part.
A little bit away from München.

Now I got it!.