My first usb-c bluetooth earphones

I just received my first bluetooth earphone with usb-c charging (its a review unit) and unfortunately it is not Anker.
It is Aukey EP-B60
I have 12 of bluetooth earphones made my Anker :grin: but none has usb-c

I’ll put these through paces to really see if having usb-c makes any difference. So far I’m not missing usb-c from Anker earphones…time will tell


Let’s see if you came to the same conclusion I had.
What I hate:

  1. Battery life doesn’t live up to it’s claimed 8 hours
  2. Sound quality is abysmal and could be better, the highs get lost and muddled with the midd
  3. Controls are bulky on such a thin cord…which for me is fine but can be too long for others
  4. Despite USB-C still took a bit to charge so no fast charging
  5. Auto pairing makes it hard to connect to multiple sources…

What I did like:

  1. The magnetic connection with instant on/off
  2. Auto pairing is quick to connect, but makes it difficult to pair to other devices
  3. USB c means only carrying 1 cable for my charging needs
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Can’t wait to see what you come back with