My firmware on the base hasn’t updated

I got an email saying an update is available yet no updates has happened on the home base.

Please can anyone tell me how to get this update?


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Hope this Help you:


@Costa As per the FAQ’s , it should update when idle (or via the EufySecurity app I would think). If it hasn’t updated within a few hours try a reboot of your HomeBase…


Hi @Costa,

As @pauldey and @ndalby said, we published the firmware update methods in the community, you can take a look. If you still don’t know how to update, you could ask again.:grin:

Cheers all.

I don’t know what the idle state means.

I don’t touch the Homebase so I’d expect it to just pick up.

I have restarted the Homebase from within the app and it hasn’t made a difference.

Should I delete the app and reinstall to see if that picks it up?

Is it because I am in Europe is it getting phased globally like US first for example?

I assume so, I’m in the same boat as you. No update (in UK), device has been ‘idle’ for ages…

Same here… No update at all…

Just tried forcing, still no update

I don’t think so, same here in Canada !
Not sure when that idle time will be so the homebase picks up the update :slight_smile:

Exactly it’s very unclear what this idle status is.

I hope updates improve in the future

I have the same experience here - no update. Living in Denmark.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport It’s been at least 3 days since the release of software update. I still have not gotten the update. I have rebooted the HB a couple of times, still no update. There must be a way for you to push these updates out rather than passively waiting for it. You say the update happens when the HB is “Idle”. What determines “idle”?


Same here. Restarted once a day to see if it would force it with no luck.

I don’t know that this will make any difference, but you might try turning your cameras off for several hours/a day. I’ve had my HB on but my cameras off since last week (long story) and I’ve gotten both and (as of last night) without doing anything. I’m in the US, btw.

@AnkerSupport Why ignoring this important topic while apparently many users are facing the same issue and forced to be stucked on old FW…

How are you figuring they are ignoring this problem? What because they are not on here posting 24/7 to answer everyone’s response? Relax and give them time, they all have other work duties besides always being in the forum. As mentioned before this team operates separately from the Eufy team so they have to confer back and forth amongst one another in order to get the information right, and that is generally when they will reply.

It does no one any good if they rush and say one thing and it could be something else based in what the engineers tell them or vice versa. In due time they will reply, just please be patient with them


I have removed all cams & sensors (been like it for 2 days) still no update

Tried removing base, creating a new account and setting up, as seen above, it checks for home base updates and doesn’t update (did on first install to .59)

Same Iv restarted the HB, I even deleted the set up and set it up from scratch and it still didn’t get the update.

I guess we just be patient and see if we get a clear answer.

I’m just excited for the 20% increase in WiFi performance as my set up means I only get 2 bars so I’m hoping it goes up a bit.

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Yes, it will auto-update this way. It should apply the update on it’s own within the next couple of days, just make sure it’s hardwired to the router!

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