My eufycam e

I love my eufycam e :grin:

Excuse me? I don’t want to follow you to see the review smh. You should post the review and photos directly on the anker community as well :wink:

good to know that :slight_smile:
please elaborate more with text and pictures

I love lamp?

I love Genie :joy:… Please have a detailed description of what your topic is or what you liked about eufyCam or some link for article… just saying ’ I love eufyCam ’ is pretty vague post and such repeated posts may end up being flagged as spam / subject to action from Anker Community Moderators!

Community rules for your information and reference:

There was a link to there social media… they removed it

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I usually don’t go into edited versions of posts, check what’s active :grin:

Only checked that the user had joined 9 hours ago when I first checked the post so posted link to community rules.

Hope @mchief updates the post with actual photos / active links