My eufy dossnt record but i can use live vieuw. When i try to format the storrage in the homebase he is saying: Can't connect to homebase(-3)

Hello, due to an internet outage, the home base is not recording. When I go to my storage location and want to format the SD card there, I get the message cannot connect to homebase (-3). Can anyone help me with this problem. I also had this some time ago when the internet was down. The homebase is connected with utp cable. Last time I deleted and reset and re-added everything. I’d rather not do this again.

There are 3 “network” related “connections” involved in a standard camera based configuration:

  1. Eufy use a private wifi connection between the home base and the cameras - name and password are not provided and thus this network cannot be extended. As long as the camera/s and home base have “power” and the private network connection is up, detected events are stored on the home base.

  2. Home base to home network - this can either be via the ethernet cable connection or your home network 2.4 GHz wifi. The solution is configured to use one or the other. Site the home base so that all cameras get the best signal strength for the private network (can be seen via the Eufy Security application)

  3. “Internet connection” - access the home base via your home network internet connection using the Eufy Security application on your mobile telephone or web browser (has very limited control). Each time you connect, you need to have the correct login id and password (for ease of access they are stored in the application) which are checked by the Eufy Authentication servers. If the Authentication servers are down (which has happened) you (and others) will not be able to connect.

You haven’t stated what components you have.

An “internet outage” shouldn’t stop events being stored on the home base - it should only affect access to the home base during the period of the outage. Once the internet connection is restored you should be able to look at any events stored during that time. I don’t understand why you want to reformat the storage once access is restored.

Email with details of the issue and include your components model and serial numbers