My dream power bank

-built in led flash light
-Quick charge 3.0
-3 ports
-1 port with volt select 5v 9v 12v

Come on Anker make my dream come true!

No argument! Lightweight would be nice, too. I carried a PowerCore 10400 around Disneyland in my pocket Monday, and it got old fast.

a 8000 version of that would be good too. with alm the features.

Powercore 10000 or Powercore 5000 Slim or Powercore+ Mini are smaller.

If you’re connected to it most of the time, the QC part is irrelevant. Proactive is smaller than reactive.

Still waiting on a Powercore 5000 to show up from loyalty rewards thing in November. Once that gets here, it’ll replace the 10400 on certain days.

If trouser/jacket bulk is your primary issue then the Powercore 5000 Slim is recommended. If power density is your primary issue, then Powercore 10000 is recommend. They usually are around the same price. If you’re patient they come up <$20. If you look above you’ll see the 10040 is not that dense.

Look at the relative mah/cuin and relative mah/cuin to compute the lugging around vs gain advantage.

Anker seems to be shifting from basically tubular 18650B 3400mah ( 1 = mini+ , 3 = 10000) to slab ( 1 = 5000 slim, 4 = Powercore II) so that is likely leading to a bit more pocket-shape-friendly. These battery technologies seem to be the same weight/density, a shape change and a power output safety change. So you could predict a new shape Powercore II 10000mah is viable a little wider/longer than the Powercore 5000 slim, along with supporting higher USB-C PD and QC4.

Complete speculation. I have no inside knowledge.

fusion reactor and charging through air