My brand new Soundcore mini, won't turn on


I bought a soundcore mini last week and it worked very well for a week. However, after I re-charged it yesterday it stopped working. At first it kept dropping the Bluetooth pairing. Now it just doesn’t turn on even when plugged into the charger.
Probably a faulty unit but thought I’d check to see whether there was any magic procedure which would save the hassle of returning it.



Ps I hope this is not a common fault as I bought 3 more to give as presents this Xmas!!

A quick update. After many attempts ( 20 or 30 ), I managed to turn it on which makes me think there’s a loose connection somewhere?

Hi @John_Clark5 , sorry to hear of your issues with the SoundCore Mini, I have the same speaker myself and haven’t had any issues (or read of any), so I would say it’s not a common issue.

In the first instance, as you mentioned powering on issues, I would advise trying to charge with a different cable and perhaps wall charger to rule out unit not getting a correct charge through possible cable/charger fault. If you are still having an issue after trying this you would be best to contact with your serial no and troubleshooting steps taken for further assistance or replacement under your 18 month warranty (if found to be a defective unit).

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Yeah, I would contact support. Maybe that was just a bad unit. Hopefully it works out for you!