my anker soundbud slims keep cutting in and out when i power off and on.

Im using a pc and i found that when i turn the soundbuds slim off and on again the audio begins to cut in and out. My device is close to the headphones and ive checked for interference . Can anyone help ?

Try a reset or unpair them and pair again

Yea I had a working pair of these and they were my daily go to earbuds for about 2 years. Had no issues like this so a reset should do the job as @ikari04warrior said.

To reset, hold the volume up and down at the same time for about 5-8 seconds. I would also recommend you forgetting your slims from your pc and then go through pairing process again after reset

ive tried un pairing and resetting but nothing works

In that case, you should just email Soundcore at

ill try it


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