My Anker Reviews

Here are most of my @AnkerOfficial reviews on Facebook. They are thorough with detailed info & photography. Hope these help you make your purchasing decisions:


Nice reviews, Dez!

Do you think the mix of photography and tech reviews on your Facebook page - which is awesome, by the way - bodes well with your followers? I’m asking because after reading some of your reviews and going to your page, I spent some minutes admiring your amazing photos before a review showed up on the publications, somewhat bringing me back to “oh, yeah, I was here for the reviews…”. I guess most people follow you for the photography, right?

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Wow, that’s a lot of reviews. Pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, the page is dedicated to my photography but I mix reviews in there because I am also a Techie at heart.

I’ve got the audience :wink:

Thanks :sunglasses: