My Anker Powercore 26800 review

The Anker Powercore 26800 has always been my favorite Anker product. In one device, you can see many of the vast innovations Anker has brought to the market. High capicity. Quality. Dual Input charging. All of it.

When I received the Anker Powercore 26800 in the mail, I plugged it in right away. At first, I used two one amp AC adapters to charge the unit. It seemed like the unit would never charge at that rate, so I plugged it into a four amp supply. Man was I mistaken. That thing charged very quickly considering the quantity of power it provides.

Speaking of power, this battery LITERALLY lasts forever. It will charge my iPhone 7 from completely dead to completely full more than eight times. Tell me that isn’t amazing. The Anker Powercore came with a protective pouch which was a nice touch. I wish that the pouch was a little bit smaller, but the protection it offers is superb considering it is free.

The unit came with TWO micro USB cables despite the fact that it only required one to charge. They included two so you can take advantage of the dual input charging. Once again, Anker mitigated what would be a possible annoyance to some users. Simply genius.

The plastic case in which the batteries are contained is extremely durable yet looks modern and beautifully minimalist. Often times I see battery banks which look like they came out of a cotten candy machine. Not with Anker. Anker provides an enterprise-grade product that looks like one.

Now, this unit does have some heft. That is without question. However, for the sheer quantity of power this holds it is extremely light compared to what other batteries with a similar capacity are in the marketplace. The unit is rock solid and can take a lot of abuse. This unit retains it’s charge so well that I would even use it in an emergency situation if I had to. This would be a great unit to place in a survival kit or whatnot.

Other than making the included bag slightly smaller, I can not think of any way to further improve the Anker Powercore 26800 without turning it into it’s big brother the Anker Powercore+ 26800.

Overall, a solid 10/10.


can you post up some pics??

I have a 26800 mah battery pack from anker as well, but this is the first i’ve heard of this dual input charging! very interesting.

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It is a very good power pack, normally this and the 10000 come with me on holiday for anytime charging :smile:

Nice review, but we need pics :tongue:

I have one of these for travelling and cannot fault it in anyway.


Nice review @TheManWithTheBattery I have one too used regularly to power a camcorder and charge up devices :grin: