My Anker PowerCore 20100 does not charge my rechargeable hearing aids

I have the Anker PowerCore 20100. It charges my iPhone 8 just fine. No problems there. But I have some new Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids. When I use the PowerCore to recharge them (they come in a charger case), the PowerCore stays on abut 5 minutes like it is charging, but then it turns off. I tried this one night just to be sure it would work in case of a power outage. I woke up the next morning to find they did not charge. I tried it again and watched it. The 4 blue lights stay on several minutes (3-4) and then it turns off. Shouldn’t this work? Just wondered if anyone else has encountered this problem. Thanks!

I have heard that if the charging intake of your item (in this case the hearing aids) is too low, the batteries may not be able to charge them…

Someone else should probably confirm this though :grin:

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What happens is that the hearing aid power draw is less than the required amount for the battery pack sensor to keep it on. You can bypass this by having something else plugged in and charging along with your hearing aids.

Alternatively, this is why Anker came out with Trickle charge battery packs so you can put the pack in low power mode and fully charge your hearing aids


@Seliles Can you confirm the charging details of your hearing aids, such as if they require 0.5A or above?

From your description it sounds like the PowerCore is shutting off due to the low power draw required from the hearing aids, if the draw is less than 0.5 amps most power banks shut off as they don’t detect a sufficient power draw occurring, like no device is connected in the first place…

If you are wanting to mainly charge via a PowerCore, you would need one that supports trickle charging as this allows for lower amperage draw…such as the PowerCore 10000 or 15000 Redux models…


ndalby, On the bottom of the hearing aid charger case it has the following:

in: 5V d.c. 500mA
Out: 5v d.c. 500 mA

Does that mean it requires at least 0.5 A (500mA)? Is that too low perhaps as you stated?

Hi @Seliles , the hearing aids from what you have supplied require a 0.5A charge, so it does look like the PowerCore is shutting off due to the low power draw which would be occurring when the hearing aids are connected…


Thanks so much everyone! I would have never figured this out! So glad I found this forum. I’m going to try charging my iPhone along with my hearing aids to see if this works. If not, guess I’ll have to get one of the trickle charge battery packs. Didn’t know about all of this. Thanks again!

Thanks Tank, the circumvention worked. I charged my iPhone and hearing aids at same time and it worked!


Glad you were able to get it going and charged.

And this is why I shared yesterday about things not charging if there is too much power.

@MacBlank This wasn’t about too much power, but rather too little power being drawn thus the batterypack turns off

Update on this: I ordered the Anker PowerCore 15000 Redux charger and it still will not charge my Phonak hearing aids. It shuts off after a few minutes due to low power draw I guess. To recap, the information on my hearing aid case follows:

In: 5V d.c. 500mA
Out: 5V d.c. 500 mA

Should I have ordered the PowerCore 10000 Redux? Or any other suggestions?


You need to switch it to trickle charge mode in order for it to charge your hearing aid without it shutting off. Press and hold the button for a few seconds until you see the green light, then you can charge your hearing aid without it shutting off

Thanks! That worked. I’m always fussing at people who do not read instructions. But there it is plain as day in the User Manual how to activate trickle mode. Sorry I didn’t read it thoroughly! Thanks again!!

Glad to have helped


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