My Anker Obsession

It seems I might have a problem…when it comes to #Anker gear I can’t help myself and we all know #Anker does it best! So here are all my Anker devices, minus the VIVA, it’s in my car oh and I just did a review of USB 3.1-USB-C powerline+ II cables so that’s not pictured. What I do have here is a Soundcore 2, Soundbud Slims, Ergonomic Wireless Mouse, Boulder flashlight, Powerport4, Karapax iPhone 8 case, Powercore Lite 10000, USB 3.0-USB-Micro cable, USB 3.0-Apple Lightning pin, Female USB 3.0-USB-C adapter, and the tiny little micro-c adapter. Phew, reviews are coming




Wow! Thanks for being a loyal fan of Anker! Can’t wait to see more reviews! :grin:

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Ha Thank you. I mean every time I need a new electronic device I always check to see if #Anker or #roav #soundcore #nebula #Eufy makes it before looking anywhere else because I know, not only is it going to be the best quality,but on the off chance that something is wrong with an item, your impecible customer service is always there to fix it!

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Better to be addicted to Anker than to drugs :slight_smile:


Obsessed by the best!

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Some drugs are good, my drug of choice is coffee :smirk:

After all the definition of a drug is medicine or substance which is introduced into the body to illicit a result. For me coffee wakes me up and energizes me, hence coffee is a drug


Seconded…as long as it’s unadulterated…ie black so I can taste it :grin:


Thirded (?)… coffee FTW!
But yes, there are worse things to be addicted to. :joy:

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Not a bad collection - but I am tempted to call you an amateur!!

Let’s start a little show and tell - prizes for the biggest collection @AnkerOfficial???

I can virtually guarantee that someone will outdo this - but so far I have…

4 x PowerPort 5 40W - various room chargers
3 x PowerCore+ mini 3350 for the wife and the kids phones
1 x Astro E1 in my laptop bag
1 x PowerCore Speed 20000 for weekends away
2 x PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand for mine & the boss phones
1 x PowerPort Wireless on the desk in work
1 x 1m braided lightning cable
1 x 3ft lightning cable
2 x SoundBuds NB10
2 x Liberty Lite - my current favs
1 x SoundCore Mini - my son’s bedroom speaker
1 x SoundCore Mini 2 - my portable speaker
1 x SoundCore Flare - living room bluetooth speaker
1 x SoundCore Vortex
2 x karapax iphone cases
2 sets of karapax glass screen protectors - which worked really well when a friend dropped his iPhone X screen down - he was most glad I’d put one on for him!

And to top it all off, my lovely little RoboVac 11c

Guess you could say I’m a fan - some may say I have a bit of an addiction!!!


yea, but I only started my collection less than a year ago. I’ve just begun!

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Wow! Nice collection :sunglasses::clap::raised_hands::hushed:

My wife judges my collection by how many boxes I have. I managed to get them all fitted inside a 27 gallon tote. But I’m gonna need another one soon because that ones full. I can make a run down list but that would require me to think and im not about that :joy:

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And I just ordered a PowerDrive 2 Elite as well… Travelling yesterday and my old Aukey one wouldn’t charge ipads as fast as they were draining.

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I don’t know nothing like a little Irish coffee once in a blue moon to lift your spirits. :joy::joy:

If he’s an amateur what does that make you?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*PowerCore Slim 5000
*PowerCore+ Mini 3350
*PowerCore II 10000 IQ2.0
*PowerCore II 20000
*PowerPort Speed PD 5 Ports
*PowerDrive 2 Ports & 3ft Micro USB to USB Cable
*PowerDrive Elite 2 Ports with Micro USB Cable
*PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad
*‎PowerPort Solar 2 Ports 21watt
*‎Powerline+ II 6ft Lightning

*‎SoundCore Sport Bluetooth Speaker
*‎SoundCore Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker
*‎SoundCore Nano Bluetooth Speaker
*‎SoundCore Boost Bluetooth Speaker
*‎SoundBuds Curve Wireless Earbuds
*‎SoundCore Official Travel Case for Soundcore2
*‎SoundCore2 Bluetooth Speaker
*‎4-Port Ultra Slim USB 3.0 Hub
*Anker USB 3.0 SSD / 2.5" HDD Enclosure
*PowerCore Jump Starter mini

*Roav c1 dashcam
*Powerport 5 USB c
*Zolo Liberty+
*Eufy Genie
*PowerCore Fusion 5000mah (Red)
*USB C to USB 3.0 Adapter (Female)
*USB-C to 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub
*Soundcore Flare X2
*Soundsync A3341 Bluetooth TX/RX
*USB C with Power Delivery 60W Wall Charger

*PowerLine USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable (3ft)
*Anker Bluetooth Highly-Extendable and Compact Handheld Monopod (selfie stick)
*2-in-1 USB-C Memory Card Reader
*soundcore motion q
*PowerLine USB-C to USB-C 2.0 (6ft)
*Roav SmartCharge F2
*Soundcore motion b x2
*Official Anker Hard Case for Anker PowerCore 20000
*PowerWave 7.5 Pad x2
*Soundbuds Lite

*Zolo liberty reg white
*soundcore sound-bar
*Powerport strip 3
*Anker [2-Pack 3ft] Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C to USB-A Cable (Red)
*[Power Delivery] PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition
*Fast Wireless Charger Stand 5w/7.5w/10w QC2.0/3.0

I second that idea :sunglasses:


Don’t really dig milk in my coffee, unless the caffeine is really really needed…a shot of whiskey or brandy on a cold (non working day) would be a different matter…occasionally of course :wink: :grin:

“Occasionally” Of course that goes without saying :wink::wink::wink::joy::joy::joy:

Now I don’t feel so bad lol I have a lot of Anker products too. And I am not stopping! They are great products and last a long time!

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Their products just works. If they don’t Anker will make it right. All tech companies should do that. Not pull out excuses out of their …es just to save a couple bucks.

Wow, a very impressed collection list! :grinning:

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