My Anker Keyboard Case Model A7722 is typing extra characters.

My Anker Keyboard Case Model A7722 started typing extra characters as though I had held a key down. Also, when deleting text, it continued deleting for several characters after I had lifted my finger off the Delete key. I guessed it needed charging and it did. I charged it until the green light came on. All was well for a couple of hours but it has now started doing the same thing again. I’ve plugged it in and the red charging light came on but, after only about 15 minutes, it indicates that it is fully charged as green light has come on. It has just typed a full stop which I did not instruct it to do. It seems to be “confused”. Any ideas? Help!

Hi @Pennylangley777,
It sounds like there may be some sort of interference between the keyboard and iPad. For example, other Bluetooth devices or even Wifi signals can interfere with a keyboard’s Bluetooth signal and cause typing to become erratic. Do you also have another Bluetooth device paired with your iPad, such as headphones or a mouse? If not, does moving the iPad to another location make any difference?
At any rate, feel free to reach out to and they’ll be happy to assist you further with this. Thanks!