My anker a2321 make buzzing sound

Hello would like and advice to get rid of the buzzing sound or is this considered as factory defect as i bought just 2 weeks ago

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Hey @Mscarisna
Power adaptors can make a buzzing sound, resistors vibrating.
But this is generally a problem that comes with old age!
It could be a manufacturing defect too.

Personally I would stop using it and either take back to the retailer to be swapped or email along with and photos and a copy of your receipt for them to investigate and arrange a new one.

Either way, keep us up to date with your progress.
All the best

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Hei @paulstevenewing !
Thanks for the suggestions .
Ive contacted Anker support and the replacement came today .

Unfortunately it still produces the buzzing sound.
Im in contact with the Anker Innovation sales manager now . He was asking me if maybe its from the power socket .

But Its not , because i have 2 different power socket winstar japan and brennenstuhl germany also the same . I also have 2 other types of wall charger of Anker and its work amazingly !

So i suspect if this A2321 have defect ? :frowning_face:
But hopefully not as i love it so much :flushed:

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Hi @Mscarisna
I hope you are well.
I think it would be very rare to have 2 faulty units, although not impossible.
As you’ve got 2 that are producing the same buzzing sound, and you have other Anker chargers that work fine it may be worth pushing for a different model as a replacement. Although that charger is amazing.

I have one of these and its great, but there is a trade off. The USBC socket has a higher output (15w more) but the USBA socket is slightly lower (15w compared to the 19.5w) than you have already.

Hello Guys,
I am from Egypt and i already own one (a new one) and yes i noticed that too with a buzzing sound when i unplug it from the power socket and especially when i remove the usb-c cable from it but it works perfectly without any problems so far.