My Anker 7-in-1 Premium USB C Hub Adapter review

I recieved this hub adapter as part of the power user program, this is my honest review.

Here we have Ankers premium hub, it’s made of all Aluminum. The USB-C cord that is attached is also made of thick rubber and the end is encased aluminum as well.

There are multiple ports on this hub, you have an HDMI/ micro SD/ SD/ USB-C input/ and 3 USB 3.0 ports. In order to properly power up this hub, you should use a 60w PD charger, the one I had only outputs 30w and I wasn’t able to fully utilize a the ports at once. But, I was able to use multiple ports provided my source being connected had it’s own power supply. I was able to output a signal to my TV via the hdmi port, but odly enough I couldn’t get sound to output through the TV. Strangely enough I hard sound without the use of the hub, so I’m not sure if this is limitation of the hub or an issue with my laptop. The micro sd and the regular sd port was able to handle and transfer large 15-20GB files in less than 3 minutes, which imo is rather impressive given that the card slot on my laptop generally takes 5 to 8 minutes to transfer the same file.
Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this hub, and while I originally didn’t think it would be something I use, I have found myself using it almost everytime I used my laptop.

One last thing, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9, or any variant of those phones then you can use this hub as a makeshift Dex dock. While it’s not a true dex dock where you can use the screen as a touchpad, it can still output your phones display to another screen. You just need to make sure your power source is greater than 30w, otherwise it wont work properly. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Sorry about my pictures looking red, I took them outside under a red sun umbrella.


Thanks for the review…and the explanation about the red. I was thinking that my eyes were bleeding or something.:heart_eyes:

Straight to the point. I also kinda dig the red look in the pictures. Nice review. Thanks.

Nice. I’d like to see file transfer speeds in MB/sec. @AnkerOfficial is this a USB-C Gen 2 product?

Elmo, here’s a little fix to your white balance :wink:


Thanks for the fix, I tried doing it from my phone but the closest I got was green or a blue hue so I just left it.

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Thanks for the review

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Good review @elmo41683 :ok_hand:

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Thanks everyone!!

nice review :heart_eyes:

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Nice review, when I get my new Galaxy phone I plan on getting one of these.

Nice review!

great review.

You should try out Photoshop Express and Adobe draw those are the apps that I use to edit photos.

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Thanks, I’ll look I to them

Thanks for the nice review.

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Interesting because the Amazon link shows that the pouch still uses the old Anker logo :confused: :joy:

I dunno, but what I showed is what I got. Their picture must have been from when they beta tested it?


The slightly older 5-in-1 version shows the new one tho :joy:


A short video overview:

Is there a trick to get it to work with DEX? I have a Galaxy S8. Everything ive tried the phone never recognizes the dock…

I love the little pouch that i comes in. Wish they would bring those back for the cables!