My absence

Hello my good friends, and Andrew :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Where have I been?

Well most of February was missed due my stupid phone not working and being sent away…

This was my loan phone. I wish I were joking… Oh yeah I am, it wasn’t this good!

This last week or so has been missed due to my fingernail operation.

The specialist didn’t like the look of the black lines.

So now I look like this

Part of looking like that, is my shoulder is missing skin…
Not gory, but I know some!


My finger under the bandage this… I.took this today, while Jane was changing the bandages n wrappings.


So coming on with basically one hand is bloody hard work, and moving my left hand around to type hurts, so for another week or so I won’t be on.

See you soon guys… Hugs


Great to see you Mac!
A bandaged finger is much better than a bandaged … (hehehe)
Take it as it is, you are more than tough, we know it.
“The family” is with you!
You know it! :wink:

Your old “kraut-friend”


Get well soon or…


Are you really sure thats a good fitting joke? :rage:

@MacBlank Sorry to hear, get well soon!

we want to see you back in action on both Anker and Soundcore communities :+1:



Stay positive and wish you a speedy recovery

I love that I get my own category :joy:. It makes me feel… “special” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That finger certainly looks like an upgrade. I hope it heals well.

Here’s to good health for you and Jane in the coming year :beers:

Get well soon @MacBlank. I been off for a few myself fighting a cold. I think @TechMan gave me his cold from earlier. LOL I am now hoping to get my wife to go to the doctor over a bump on her neck.

Saw you on Instagram, best wishes mate.

Get well soon, @MacBlank!

All I can say is get well soon @MacBlank be strong!