My 20100 mAh power bank fell down

My power bank fell from my desktop on carpet and it was connected to the phone. The USB end connected to it went deeper than it should by roughly 2 or 3 mm.
I pulled it out with pliers because i couldn’t with my hand and now the power bank is not charging my mobile. I tried the other outlet and it’s not working as well.
When i press the button to check how much power is left in the power bank the light dots turn on then off pretty quickly unlike the normal condition.
I put the power bank on charger and it’s charging normally.
What could the problem be? Is there anything i can do?

There is really a need of some tinkering!
I can imagine it will be pretty hard to open the pb.
But you need to push the socket in a fitting position and take a look if all connections are connected.
Hope you didn’t damage the contacts of the socket by using pliers.
Try to open it.
There may be other suggestions, but those will not help much I suppose.

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Try resetting it. Connect the output to input and press power button for 10 seconds.


I realized that it’s not charging. When i connect it, the lights indicate charging but only the same number of blinkers stays on after two hours. I think if resetting won’t work I’ll try opening it.

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That’s what I’ll try now.

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Yes, after resetting will no work, the last solution is to open it.

Not easy, even for a skilled tinkerer. :rofl:
but give it a try and tell us about.

If you are lucky, only some connections got loose by that drop down.

That is more typically a bad cable. Try different cable, different charger. Probably is not in this case as it was working before dropping so your cable and charger probably not the culprit. But if not charging we normally suggest cable charger swap to eliminate.

There are teardown videos of similar models.

I want the opening to be my last resort. I emailed anker support and they tell me they may replace it, more reason for me to open it haha.
I will let you know once I open it

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I’m currently trying a new cable and adapter to see if things will change and see.
Can you provide me with a link video? I couldn’t find one for my specific model

Try to have the Powercore as discharged as possible

I would think if it was dropped and landed on the inserted cable it’s fractured the circuit board.

Agree prognosis not good but it might be just the solder on that socket bad and it’s had shock so a reset and not use that port, and some luck.

Anker’s good to offer to help with replacement.

If they have offered to replace it i may be inclined not to open it until they have confirmed they don’t want the old one back.
But as @professor mentions its great they have offered help.

Time to get a new one