MWC 2020 phone event canceled because of coronavirus outbreak


Now that MWC is cancelled, RSA event at San Francisco (Feb 24th ) might be the next one…

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I’m guessing it takes place in China, if so, it’s not worth the risk

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) was supposed to take place from 24-27 February, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain, same time as the RSA event in SFO.

Though this is not happening in China, it was not worth the chance, since there was a lot of travel involved and companies withdrew citing health risk that the coronavirus posed to their employees at the show, which attracts over 100,000 attendees from around the world.

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Right, still makes sense why it was cancelled. We can wait and hopefully they can get that virus under control

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The coronavirus is very contagious, I saw a news yesterday, a British were infected, he flew to Switzerland and then returned to Britain, infecting 11 people in a row.:mask:


I read it this morning

Oh so we reduce flying to not get flu but not to reduce global warming? There’s a truth revealed.

I suspect we’re all going to get it and the 1% weakest removed a couple of winters early. I came across yesterday someone stocking up on facemasks and I suggested they stop smoking instead to be fitter to cough up the stuff which otherwise apparently kills you.


He is the real SUPER Spreader :crazy_face:

I agree with you @professor if you are not fit and immune, even if you survive COVID-19 you will get some other crazy virus some day. So, fight or run??

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there are different ways of seeing it. I agree with what you mentioned, but companies may be more worried about their employees and more about the mindset than anything at this time.

And smoking kills non-smokers too, with passive smokers… plus the vaping… saw some pretty weird ads on how vaping effects … so there are more dangerous than coronavirus.

Fitness and immunity are different axis.

Immunity takes time for your body to detect a foreign pathogen and to produce antibodies, that system needs primarily a healthy diet, and to a degree a positive mindset so you’re not fighting stress at the same time. Once your immune system is triggered, ironically, you feel worse as the reaction of a temperature and lymphatic system products is most of what makes you feel ill.

Fitness is what you need to have a muscular heart and lungs to cough up the crap produced by your immune response.

The clever thing this virus does is not cause an immune response for at least a week and every cough into your hand you then touch something is picked up.

So you need to be a hand washer, and not be stressed, and eat well and plenty of good walks / bike. That will protect you from 90% of illnesses including this virus.

Well that gentleman was at least not dumb, he had no symptoms but heard he’d mixed with those who had fell ill, he then self isolated and phoned for help. This person however got in an Uber and entered a crowded place:

BBC News - Coronavirus: More may need to self-isolate to stop spread - NHS boss

Good education session :ok_hand: thanks for sharing the knowledge :+1:

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This is the best statement, true any day, any time of a lifetime to be healthy!

They look all meh apart from the TCL one at end of video.

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