Mute mode for Robovac

Is it possible to add a mute mode? eg, if it’s stuck, don’t beep (just flash and send msg to phone app)?

We have a couple of robovacs and have them on timers to clean areas like kitchen at 3am (when everyone is asleep). If it’s stuck, we really don’t want to get up to fix it at 3am;).

It should probably still beep if we try to locate it though…

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For me that beeping" is much better when I have to find “old Willy” when got poorly stuck under a cupboard.

But you are right, some customers may like to mute the robot.
Result : They will never find the robot again. :rofl:

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Of course. I didn’t say to always mute it… just a mute choice for scheduled runs. No one wants to get woken up at 3am;).

Also, the “Find” button on the smart app should indeed make it beep loudly.

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Dont have such a intelligent one (app).
“Old Willy” (nickname) is a 11S.
Now he is more than 2 years old.

I swapped the middle brush recently and will change the filter soon.
I cleaned the filter always by brushing, so it lasted really a long time.

Yes to mute the beeps by the app would be a feature which should be included, you are right.

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