Music - What's your Favorite?

I think we’re due for an off-topic post, so I’m reviving the “What’s your favorite?” line of threads. We’ve done beer, coffee, fast food, and now…MUSIC!

I’m a big fan of live bluegrass. Here are a few pics I’ve taken in the last year:

Mandolin Orange at Red Ants Pants

Lord Huron at Targhee

Me, crushing it.

So… What kinds of music are you all listening to these days? Currently I’m playing the Glass Animals album “How to be a Human Being” very loudly on my Soundcore Boost (BT connection from my iMac).

On my (newly arrived) soundcore liberty lites today and yesterday, I listened to the following:

A Perfect Circle
The Smashing Pumpkins
Shane Smith & The Saints
Sylvan Esso
Elephant Revival
The Dead Tongues

So…what do you all listen to? I’m curious specifically what @Quinn_Armstrong listens to on his army of flares :laughing:


I like specific kinds of bluegrass. I listen to some of the Dillard’s music. I like Old Christmas music (in the right season). I also listen to classical music (and also modern classical style). I listen to some movie soundtracks (like John Williams music). I listen to the university of Utah singers as well.

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Classical music mostly.
But I like Portuguese Fado as well and not to forget “old Knopfler” at the guitar.


I love alternative music and I’m usually listening to Alt Nation on Sirius XM or the Adult Alternative station on Apple Music.

In my younger days I mostly listened to pop-punk and would go to Warped Tour every summer. Here’s a picture of one of my favorite bands, New Found Glory, I snapped circa 2002 on a non-smartphone camera. :hushed:

Post already exists. It’s a long topic too, so a search on favourite music would have found it.

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Which one? I actually did search and didn’t find anything :disappointed:

Guess I’m weird, unlike Reggaeton, salsa, old rock and hip hop

I, too, thought there was an existing thread where we discussed our favorite music, but I couldn’t find it either in the search. Did we not use the word “music” in the title? :thinking:

EDIT: I think I found it… and, no, “music” was not in the title. :confounded: :joy:


Those “old threads” can be reanimated from time to time.

Its like sauerkraut the more you reheat it the better it gets! :grin:

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That’s nasty! lol

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Sauerkraut, Bratwurst, Pretzels and a beer, what better!

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Now, bratwurst I agree on. They’re my fave sausage.
A :beer:, now n again (can’t too often due to meds) . Go back 20 years and I was quite a big ale drinker, but as meds for stronger, I slowed down… Not stopped tho :crazy_face:

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Remember Mac, beer is more healthy than ALL the chemical stuff called limonades C*ke etc.

Plus back in ye olden days (when you were young! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) The water wasn’t safe to drink (not like now) and beer/wine was what everyone drank instead.

The navies, were known as the hardest workers, yet they lived in 20 pints a day.

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I remember in Ireland I was:
“This is you 6 pint of Guinness, isnt it shame”. (The bartender told me)
But the buddies beside “old Irish boozers”… said : NO!

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Darn you, now im hungry and gonna have to go get some Bratz and krout… I’m the only one who eats it so I’ll just get a pint of it for today’s good eating. I don’t drink so it will be ice cold water to go along with it. Hmm, it’s rainy outside still guess I’m gonna have to move the grill closer to the deck door so I don’t get too soaked cooking the Bratz

You will get lice in the stomach my mother said! :joy:

Cold outside. So we use our “Backofen”

Well I could drink soda or some non-alcoholic beer… Nah I’d rather drink the real stuff, but Everytime I want to I get the same feeling that I don’t want to break my streak of not drinking. It’s a game we played, to drink or not to drink… If I drink I know I will drink more but if I don’t then my streak is safe. The same goes with me quiting smoking, I just flat out stopped and haven’t looked back… I know it’s only been a few months since I stopped smoking but I don’t want nor do I crave it.

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Listening to Fantastic Negrito and Dead Tongues today! Also reviving this thread for the heck of it :smiley: Does anyone have new music to share?

I am listening to RTP (Radio Televisao Portuguesa) Antena 1 Fado at the moment.
Fado is the typical portugese folk music.
I like it so much.

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