Multiple scheduled cleans each day

I’d like to see the option to schedule more than one Robovac clean each day. My Robovac 30C cleans about 75% of the ground floor of our house (it’s 5 rooms) and the dust box could accommodate more dirt so I’d like to set it to restart after recharging to see if we can get some of the missed 25%. I realise I can remotely start it from work but a schedule would be good. Ideally I want the upcoming Robovac with mapping, but it’s a feature I think that’s needed.


You can have multiple schedules set for your vacuum. Not sure how or if it will get the missed area though.

Also, they do have a vac coming out that has a mapping feature, read about it Here

Thanks for your reply. I’m aware of the upcoming mapping Robovac which will apparently be released about end July. The scheduling in the app only allows 1 scheduled clean each day, I’d like 2, maybe even 3 on some days.

Where did you receive this information?

Via app you can create a real detailed schedule.
Different days and different cleaning times.

With the remote not so detailed : every day at the same time.

I don’t know if the app allows a multiple cleaning
I don’t think so.
But I suppose it can be programmed very easy by EUFY.

A mapping Robot?
Would be nice, but how do you know it will be put in the market in the end of July?

The company told me “about the end of July”

So you know much more than we do!
Great! :wink:

I don’t think support would release this sort of information to a customer unless they were pretty sure it was on schedule, but “about the end of July” is quite vague. They have just released the 15C max so they’re going to want to sell lots of those first.
There is an Anker announcement news story from Japan but this only mentions 2 hybrid models with mapping, supposedly there is a non hybrid vacuum with mapping.

The hybrid reviews I’ve read suggest the mop function is almost useless.

Did you ask support about a specific model? The one without mopping? (RoboVac L-70). Or just the ones with mapping in general?

Actually, eufy is constantly releasing RoboVacs. They don’t seem to care much at all about sales of one model disrupting sales of another.

Easiest way to schedule more than one clean a day is use the Routine option on Alexa (if you have one).

11s doesn’t have WiFi connection or the app. The remote can only have one scheduled for a day.

How do you add multiple schedules?

Please add this to the app…right now you only have once per day. The option to have atleast twice daily cleaning, would be a great update to the app.

If someone really needs, such a feature.
The simple ones like 11S can do only one round per day.
Adjusted by the remote control.
But altering the function in the app is really easy.

Using the 30c, so unfortunately no remote came with it :tired_face: :confused: :weary: just have the app to use.

The remote wouldn’t do as well.
Only ONE cleaning per day possible by schedule.

I do different cleaning routines using the remote.
Switching on/of by hand. :smiley:

Yeah, what I’m having to do at the moment. Well when I can remember to. Just hope maybe they can implement it into a future update of the app. Other than that, happy with it so far.