Multiple cameras recording simultaneously

I have a camera around the front of my house and the side. I have tried to trigger them to test recordings. It seems as though they cannot record simultaneously. Example i exit front door and walk around wide… the front door camera records but the side door camera does not begin recording until the front door time is up.

I tested this several times and the exact second one ends, the other begins.

Can someone please clarify or help me to understand?

Thank you for reaching out! @Nichole1

These steps normally help:

  • Change the camera working mode as a customized recording without a retriggering interval. Here are the steps: My device>Camera Name>Camera Settings>Camera working mode>Cutomized Recording. This option allows you to reduce the triggering interval so the event can be captured on time, but the battery will drain faster.

  • Increase the sensitivity of motion detection. Here are the steps: My device>Camera Name>Camera Settings>Motion detection>Set motion detection sensitivity .

-Check if the camera has a weak signal from HomeBase. If so, situate the camera closer to the HomeBase to get a better signal.

Hope this information helps. If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!