Multiple base stations IFTTT

For starters, is it possible to extend the motion sensor range?

Also, can you please make it so that IFTTT can work between multiple base stations for larger properties or other properties that have horse hair walls? I have old very thick walls to where I need mesh to reach internet across my house from front door to back yard I have 3 mesh towers if you will. That being said, i need 2 base stations to cover my front house and back yard. But right now they can’t talk to each other because 3 came are on 1 base and 1 cam is on the other. I can’t if this then that between the 2 stations. Seems like a relatively easy fix if they are both on one account and on the same SSID. Please?

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Thank you for your suggestion, we will take your valuable advice in consideration for future product development.

hi @AnkerOfficial, is there any timeline for the IFTTT feature?


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This would be a great feature to have!!