Multi-Login for PU and Forum

Hello everyone & @AnkerOfficial ,

I create a new topic on purpose, because it’s not limited to an improvement on the forum.
I noticed that I can’t log in on my Anker account on several devices at the same time.

I want to be able to check the forum on my smartphone and on my PC, without having to log out and log back in each time I switch my device.

Right now, I’m connected on my PC. If I want to check on my smartphone, I have to log in, and it will disconnect my PC.
Don’t you think we could have a persistent login, with the possibility to be logged on several devices at the same time?


Yep it’s been mentioned before here;

I can see why a non persistent login policy has been put in place by Anker, namely to prevent possible unauthorised access if you are not at your device. Not so different from online banking…


I hear you. I guess I can get used to it. We often have to sacrifice usability, in order to improve security.

Just have your password and account login automatically saved for faster logins. I have 1 master password that I enter just once daily and then I can access all my sites logins. Same with my mobile device, I use Google smart lock to save all my log ins

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I’m using 1Password for all my passwords :wink:

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hahah that is genius, this is actually my first time hearing that one.

I had an issue yesterday where I would log into my account and if i go to power user, it would show me “apply now” as if im offline.

Sometimes, it would show “already applied” and sometimes I would see other user’s list of items they reviewed.

Same here as well…random oddities throughout the site. :expressionless: