Mr nadim abou rizk

I bought the liberty lite earbuds, i have a problem with the right one, its not flashing and not connecting, the left one is flashing, but i cant find them on my bluetooth devices, phone, laptop, do you have any suggestion how it may work?


Try a reset: Place the buds in the case and hold down the button on both simultaneously for about 5~10 sec.

Also do not provide your personal details on the blog such as email.

Also, if this does not work, contact Soundcore Support –


Did you remove the film from the back of the buds? (I know at least one model has a film)

Remove both from case, out both back, and turn off Bluetooth on device.

Turn on BLUETOOTH on device, and remove buds from case … Are they flashing now?

Make sure they are fully charged.

I can’t remember how to reset! lol

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You should remove your personal information from this post immediately!! @ndalby @TechnicallyWell @AnkerOfficial might be able to help they’re on before the OP…

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