Movie Remakes | What’s Your Opinion?

Hi Anker fans!

When I go to the movies, it seems like there are more sequels and remakes out than ever before. Could this be because those of us who grew up with beloved classics are now old enough to be making movies ourselves?

I saw the trailer for Disney’s new live-action adaptation of The Lion King, and it looks good, although it’s hard to know what to expect when a remake changes formats so drastically.

What do you think about Hollywood’s frequent remakes, reboots, and sequels? Do you have a favorite franchise from which you’d accept a never-ending string of movies, as long as you could keep enjoying your favorite characters and fictional worlds?

Let’s talk about it!


I have seen there will be a remake of “Das Boot” (one of my favourite movies).
I think I will totally pass over this remake.


Don’t mind remakes as long as they give either a fresh take on the source material or push the boundaries beyond what the previous version could accomplish for it’s times (due to censorship etc)…for example the 1998 remake of Psycho was without a doubt a prime example where this wasn’t done…it would have been simpler to colourize the original rather than the director’s almost ‘frame for frame’ copying with new actors…

Favourite remakes to date;

Ocean’s Eleven
King Kong
The Fly (1986)
Cape Fear (1991)


I would NEVER colourize such classics like Psycho.
This movie needs the black and white.
For me it would loose a lot of impression by doing this.


Neither would I…post updated to be more clearer. Was referring to how the remake was pretty much a shot for shot copy…read that the director had a DVD player on set so they could match / copy positions and mannerisms like for like :confounded:

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OK, now I understand.
Have never seen that copy.
And will not do this, being bored and dissapointed.

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I don’t mind movie remakes, as long as it changes it brings something new to the movie.
What I absolutely hate thought, is when they make a movie based off a book and change it entirely. Very rarely have I ever seen a movie do the book Justice.


Even though I enjoyed the 3 newer “Planet of the Apes” movies, I’m not a fan of all of the reboots we’ve seen the past few years. I don’t mind a prequel or sequel now & again, but not every movie needs them. And Disney calling an all-CGI movie “live action” annoys me.

Nearly impossible!
When you read a book you create your own movie in the head.
So you will be rarely satisfied with a movie based on a book.
The most books can not be “transformed” to a movie.

Jumanji was a flop in my opinion I liked the original waaay more than the remake. The Jungle book remake was also not all that great in my opinion. I have high hopes for The Lion King, it looks super good from the small teaser I saw the other day. :grin:


I think the remakes are good but will never beat the originals.

But for those who haven’t seen the originals then I can see why they would prefer the newer ones over the originals.

Side note I’m looking forward to Top Gun 2 and John Wick 3 :yum:

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Yep those two are on my radar as well :thumbsup:

Curious to know how they are going to deal with Val Kilmers voice though…other than dubbing…

You should never watch the film, if you’ve read the book. Your imagination will never match the director.

Remakes are shit for the most part. A few exceptions

The mechanic
Jungle book
To name a couple.

Trouble is, there are few new stories, so even tho it may not say it’s a remake, but its obviously based on an earlier film. Take say… True lies, and Mr n Mrs Smith.

Some movies are supposed to be a one shot deal. I’m terms that an actor/actress played the part well and cannot be duplicated. Robin Hood for example. Plots make sense while others are crap.

Well, the german director Till Schwaiger had a big success in Germany with his film “Honig im Kopf”. It is about a man who loses his brain - dement or so. His granddaughter travels with him to Italy.

Now Till Schwaiger made a remake in Hollywood, Honey in the Head, which was a big flop. And this flop will start in Germany April 2019. So I think this also will be a flop. I do not understand why he made such a thing.