Motorola G9 Plus phone connecting to Android Auto on Kia Stonic car

Hi All

I have a Kia Stonic UK version 1 year old and have used Apple Play on an iphone with the standard iphone cable for 1 year. I’ve just moved to Motorola G9 Plus phone and attached a type C USB to the standard USB in the car and tried to use Android auto. The car head kit does not recognise the phone. I’ve read reviews saying Anker cables are very good but also other reviews saying Motorola phones do not work well with Android auto in cars.
Does anyone have success with Motorola phones, Anker cables and Android Auto?
Many thanks

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I have always been sucessful with Ford, Anker, Android Auto.
Have you tried process of elimination?
Another cable just in case.
Try a different brand of phone.
Try your prone and cable in another Kia.

I got rid of the Ford a while back, but think Android Auto would only work when cabled AND connected via Bluetooth - just worth a mention.

Might also be worth contacting Kia in case there is something you’re missing.

Motorola phones need to use the factory USB-C cable for Android auto to work properly.


Thats an odd one @Tank
I guess it has some kind of chip in cable like the Lightning cables.
I had initial issues connecting when I got a new car, but found the cable quality was at fault.

There’s no chip in the Motorola cables, it has more to do with the resistance of the wires. I’m not exactly sure how it knows and works but all I know is that Motorola phones mostly never work unless used with the factory data/charging cable

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That is an odd one, and possibly quite restrictive for Motorola owners.