Motion+ wireless stereo problems

Motion+ is a great speaker with very nice sound. I really like it. Especially after the update which made it to remember last used equalizer setup when using the Anker app.
Thats why I bought another one - to have even better sound using the wireless stereo mode. I was so excited when it arrived.
Everything works great. Pairing in stereo mode is easy. Im always using custom equalizer settings from the Anker app. BUT one of the speakers is always using flat equalizer settings. The speaker which is connected to the phone with bluetooth is using custom equalizer and the other one is using either flat or “original” or whatever flat settings without any bass and atleast for me too eggagerated low- and high-mids. Both speakers are performing perfectly when used alone. But when paired together, the one connected to the phone works as intended and the other one makes the whole setup sound bad. Have tried to switch them countless times already and tried everything else there is to try without any success.
Is it a known fault? Anybody else experiencing the same?
Im using an Android 8.0 phone.

Sounds like a bug or fault in the wireless stereo coding from the last firmware update.

You might be best contacting or to log your issue, so they can assist and perhaps supply you with an updated firmware to resolve the issue.

So no matter which one you connect to the phone, the other one doesn’t use EQ?

spkr 1, when connected to the phone plays with EQ, but if it’s the slave, it plays flat?
Spkr2, if connected to phone is ok, but as a slave plays flat?

I’d have to agree with Neil, it’s a software issue.

I know you’ve not had a great start with these speakers, but I hope Soundcore engineers can solve it.

Correcto mundo! (It means “correct” if anyone hasnt seen Pulp Fiction:))
And I can say that I really had a fantastic start with these fantastic speakers. Although they seem to be envious to eachother - neither of them doesnt like to be slave and then start to moan.
I have contacted both Anker and Soundcore support like ndalby pointed out. Well see.

Ah, the Fonz would not be happy to see others take credit for his words!

Got a reply from Anker support and seems that luckily my hearing and sanity is still ok - it is a problem with firmware. Using two speakers it supports currently only preset EQ settings. When using custom EQ then the master speaker will use your custom EQ, but the other one uses flat EQ settings. Hopefully next update cures it.
If someone uses only one speaker then all of this doesn’t consern you - it plays perfectly in every angle.

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I have encountered the same problem.Support said it can take a very long time to solve this bug…
Now since two updates, this (major) problem is still here.
I think my next speaker will definetly be ones from antoher brand.
When you bring out new speakers, you FIRST have to make sure, that they working…

I also have one motion+ and thought about adding an other. Is this Bug now fixed (Firmware is 34.38)? If one is in “More Bass” preset, does the other at least apply this preset, or is it always flat? Because if it is always Flat, it’s really useless and I would may return my single speaker.

‘More Bass’ Mode is ok and works fine with both speakers.
The main problem with custom eq is still there, after several updates…
Since one year this problem is known by Anker but nothing happens.
My next speakers will be jbl speakers