Motion+ volume "incremental" instead of "smooth"

Hey All - Anyone have the problem where - when connected to your Motion+ via Iphone, the volume increase is incremental in the sense that there are clear “tiers” of volume that you reach using the volume slider. This is within any app, not just the soundcore app. It’s like there is a knob with 10 settings, and you are stuck on one of those 10, instead of, say, the 50 or 100 variations that the iPhone volume meter allows.

To go further down the rabbit hole, when I first linked to my laptop I was having volume issues, and found this solution - Can't change volume via windows by entering the Registry Editor and “disabling Absolute Volume”.

By doing this, I’m making the volume control from the speaker, seperate from the volume control on my electronic device. This way I can set the speaker at 90% volume, and control the rest from my device, using my windows volume, it sounds amazing.

The issue with my phone may stem from a similar situation, but I can’t know for sure. Is it possible to make the unit volume in the Motion+ static, and then it interprets my Iphone volume in a “smoother” fashion? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

All Soundcore products have this “tier” volume change that you are experiencing. I have Flare Mini, Life 2, and Spirit Dot 2 that I use with my laptop and all of them have incremental changes. Same with my iPhone. If Soundcore app doesn’t have any way to change volumes smoothly, then there is nothing you can do tbh (unless there’s a loophole by installing a weird app)

That is unfortunate. I really like my Motion+ but… late at night when I want to listen quiety I can’t find the “just right” volume via my iPhone.
If it helps you Shivam, check out the link I shared to fix the issue when using your laptop. It’s very helpful. Just seems like there is no Phone equivalent.

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I have the Motion+ , I’m using right now with my laptop.

I have some very fine controls usually within the application. e.g. youtube, the up/down keyboard is giving me 5% fine tuning of volume.

Yea that’s what I usually do. I prefer not to mess with stuff too much incase I mess something up. You know I kinda need my working laptop for school :joy:

So you’re a student but us old geeks would place our important (work, in your case student) in a server and we’d RDP into them from a stateless device (e.g. Chromebook), the server would be on UPS Ethernet connected to UPS router and the device would be a low power long battery life device. We can then play and do what we like in the device and not mess with the server. We can then switch devices as they are stateless.

But that’s a different thread.

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Hmm makes sense. I want to put everything somewhere as well but I’m horrible at backing things up because I do it at random times and miss files :joy:

I checked it motion + and LINUX mint -> 5% steps this is OK.
I would not have expected a smoother increase

Thanks - I was hoping I could do the same using iPhone but it’s not possible.

I doubt it’s not possible. I don’t own anything Apple, but on Android you have two volume levels, the total overall you set on the home screen and vol up/down and then again when in the app which usually sets the BT device or app level.

I doubt a $1000 phone does just small steps. I very much doubt it. I’d dig deeper and not accept the not possible view. Betya you have a macro control of big steps and then somewhere else steps within the overall to produce a finer grain.