Motion test working but not actual detection

Just installed the eufycam 2c but detecting motion is so erratic. I did the motion detection test and the red light flashes properly. however, it doesn’t record or push notification when somebody goes out of the house or when somebody drops a package (which is what I bought this camera mainly for) on our porch. it does record that random person walking on the sidewalk but not all the time.
firmware is up to date.
signal strength is great.
i tried turning homebase on and off same with the camera.

what do i do next? return and ask for refund?

Set a custom detection zone, i find that works and is more reliable than not using it. Even if you set your zone to the whole screen, it still works better that way

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that seemed to work for me, going from not seeing / detecting anything at all (Eufycam 2) to actually detecting stuff.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


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i have detection zone set up. i tried turning camera on and off, it worked for a bit but not consistent. for example, it detected me leaving the house and getting into the car, but it missed a delivery guy dropping a package, or my wife coming in.

i also turned on status light (means its recording) and it seems that detection is very slow. i am well inside the activity zone before the status light kicked in and i was walking slowly.

check the angle of your camera, it could be aimed too low or too high and reflection on the lens does effect detention

it’s within the 7 to 10 ft height… i aimed it at the lowest or else it won’t see the doorstep.
but the thing is, the motion detection test worked flawlessly.

I just checked mine, there is a bit of delay but if the delivery driver came to the door and left in that 2 to 3 seconds then it wouldn’t have picked him up.

I had the same issue with my Arlo cameras too so its not just these that have this delay

gee what’s the point of these camera if you can’t use it to monitor porch pirates. it didn’t even recorded the amazon guy who dropped the package and took a picture of it.