Motion+ Questions

Just received my motion+. I have a few questions though.

First, I use the 3.5mm since my music device doesn’t have Bluetooth. So I’m not sure this is the reason for the questions I have.

If I set the EQ to my liking in the app it stays that way but if I press the bass up button on the speaker it turns it off and I have to go back into the app and turn the EQ back on. Is this normal?

Also, while the phone is connected via Bluetooth to the speaker and I grab my phone and I open any other app on my phone the speaker cuts out for a second and comes back on. Is this normal?

I think I came to a conclusion. The speaker is great but the app sucks.

I have this speaker.
But I dont use that app.
So I can not tell you about.

But do you really need it?
As there is no app under LINUX so I take the eq offered there.
Works perfectly.

The first time when listening I reduced the trebles.
But little by little I removed this reduction.
No more eq needed at all.

The bassup option is an EQ preset, so yes- it normally switches the EQ if you hit the bassup button

@spanky1 Thanks for bringing your issue to our attention. The issue you met is unusual, you could try holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons at the same for 3-5S to reset, and re-install the App to test again. If the issue persists, please contact us via to get further assistance.


Ok, did a test.

The above issues only happen when connected to the speaker via a 3.5mm aux cable. When connected via Bluetooth there are no issues.