Motion Q Battery Level?

How do you check battery level? I am using it with a Chromebook and a Samsung S8. I can’t seem to find the battery level anywhere.

On your Samsung you have to have smart things enabled in order to see the battery level

I’m not sure how to do it on the Samsung. I use iPhone. Sorry.

@ajsanders2004 why even comment if you don’t know how to help? You could at least Google it and offer some advice

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I’m sorry… :pensive:

It’s all good. I get the sense the main group is just frustrated with all of the unnecessary posts and obvious attempts to gain bucks and points and obvious sock puppet accounts that have been popping up in recent weeks.

I know I’m frustrated.

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It looks like there are two or more groups in this forum.

One is the main group, as @Jesse_Hernandez1 described it.

So, please can you tell me the names of the other groups ?

Apparently you already know

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Yes indeed! :wink:

There are many useless posts here.
Sometimes mine could be too. :grin:

But I avoid to give such meaningless comments,
getting more and more here.

The big flood! :worried:

Nice self portrait :joy: